To assign someone a task knowing that is fraught with risk and may implode.
To leave someone holding the bag.
It's going to fail anyway, so plone the project off to Jessica.
by AndrewMcL July 22, 2008
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To be fucked by unscaleable web services.
Bob: "I took a new job without asking about their environment. I got ploned."

Joe: "Move them off that unscaleable pile of rat feces!"
by libkeiser October 22, 2008
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To have sex with someone. A portmanteau of "plough" and "bone".
Jen: Plone me tonight
Tobin: Game
by Hazzle Brush May 8, 2019
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Shortened word for provolone (cheese)
It means money.
Popularized by rapper Stunna Cold
I’m counting up these plones
by prizs January 16, 2022
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several, or more than one hit or puff of any smokeable subject.
vamos a echarnos unos plones
regalame unos plones
me pegue los plones ahora
by Dnx Daniel April 15, 2007
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Someone who is adept in using and programming with the Plone web development software. As in someone who "bones away" at Plone software.
S/He is migrating our old web site from PHP to Plone. S/He is a real Plone boner.
by jchrisf February 27, 2009
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