One of the hottest guys to ever exists. A Tobin will not have to work to get the girls. A bit of a smart ass, but all around sexy guy who treats women with respect and will charm you're clothes off. If you are dating a Tobin, consider your self extremely lucky. He has an interest in the arts and you will be his muse. Tobin's are iresistible and you'll find yourself extremely attracted to him and you're friends might find themselves getting very annoyed by how much you talk about him but will be jealous at the same time. Don't worry, Tobins may have a bit of a wondering eye, but if he's dedicated he'll stick with you and stay loyal through thick and thin.
Tobin: Hey.
Me: I can't breath.
by T+M Forever November 13, 2016
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1.Tobin is the standard used to measure Badassness. The scale is 1 to 10 and displayed as an exponent. Unless your a Tobin then you are an 11 on the scale.

2. Older definitions refer to "someone that gets mad hoes and head" while this is true a Tobin treats a woman with respect and dignity and never uses the term ho. This only gets him more hoes and head.

3. Term used to define a feeling that can not usually be described. Seeing an old friend you have not seen in years, or hearing your favorite song in an unexpected setting.

4. A leather strap used to sharpen knives.
1. Damn that pilot that landed the jet in the river was a
Tobin 10x10.

2. I don't usually sleep with someone on a 1st date but your such a Tobin I can't help myself.

3. I just had my 1st baby, I feel so Tobin.
by Guy not named Tobin March 10, 2012
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He is the sexiest guy ever and hoes love him he gets all the pussy and has a mega dick he is a sex god that will leave you unable to stand for weeks he is super loyal
by Flabby boyooo February 7, 2018
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Tobin is the most the annoying boy on he planet earth. He is a huge smart ass. He was literally 2 girls that remotely find him attractive. He also has a bigger ego than Barbie's closet. He is a disgrace to nerds everywhere. He is awful at sports and he won't shut up.
I swear Tobin is so annoying.
by The_Real_One_ March 4, 2018
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(adj) toe-bin: to be lazy, slow, sometimes anti-social, or not wanting to do anything but sleep, eat, and drink.
Go get your food and stop being a tobin.
by infestedXmind April 21, 2008
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A pussy bitch faced nozzler that gets everyone suspended or expelled and fucks up everything for everyone else for no reason. Complete bitch and constantly changes school because everyone hates him. He will often act very innocent and not know what hes doing, he also usually has no friends. He will tell on anyone and everyone for no fucking reason because he thinks its always directed at him.
Dude that kid is a fucking tobin, he thought that I was calling him a penis when I just randomly yelled it out, now class sucks, and Im suspended.
by ShoShlong December 14, 2010
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To involuntarily spit the contents of your mouth (usually liquid) after finding something rather amusing.
I was drinking chocolate milkshake and did a Tobin all over the strangers on the bus, most embarrassing day of my life.
by Something Something NSA July 13, 2014
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