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Pussy lint. The accumulation of lint on, in, or around the pussy region most commonly caused by new, unwashed drawers, or from a lack of bathing.
"I got some plint stuck in my teeth the last time I went down on her."
by 18x37 July 10, 2009
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The act of engaging in personal warfare without being prepared in any physical way; e.g. being a knight and entering the battlefield without armor or a sword; being a modern soldier and fighting without body armor or a gun.
Beowulf killed Grendel even though he was plint; he knew God would decide the fate of the battle, and it was in his favor.
by Notorious D.O.U.C.H.E. September 25, 2003
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an unreasonably useful all-purpose swear, cuss, or generally offensive and negative descriptor. Can function in most word forms. Created and coined by Mark, Alexander, and Nathan in Psychology class.
"Abbey plinted out again! I thought she was gonna get the goods!"
"You plint! What the deuce?"
"Quit plinting around, you mother-plintah!"
by Mark, Nathan, Alexander May 15, 2008
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Plinting is the horrid feeling where you just can't hold a poo in any longer, it is the extreme of 'touching cloth', where you can literally feel it about to come out and if you don't get to a toilet right away then, be prepared to be classified a PLINTER



or as an insult, PLINTER or PLINT
I am plinting

You are a plint

I plinted yesterday at work, I was so close to tagging the floor.
by blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade December 19, 2009
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penis lint
The fuzzy residue left on a penis after using a brand new tube sock for masturbatory purposes.
Man, I just got a brand new pair of tube socks. Now I have to go wash off all the plint left behind.
by jotthedot March 21, 2008
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