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to use someone else's sock (roomate, girlfriend, gym buddy)to masturbate into. replacing the sock from where it was pirated.
I yelled Arrrg and then heisted one of my buddies socks to spooge into. I am a sock pirate.
by jotthedot July 25, 2006
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The flab that hangs over and around the back of a fat woman's bra. Also rolls of fat that incorporate the undrarms and shoulders of said fat women.
have you seen that chick eat? No wonder she's got a ton of fat back on her.
by jotthedot March 28, 2006
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use of the tongue to pleasure another by orally stimulating various orifices or body parts.
hey Jimmy, I just got out of the shower. You wanna give me some tongue loving?
by jotthedot April 02, 2008
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To masturbate to ejaculation.
Man, I went down to the sperm bank to butter the corn.
by jotthedot February 26, 2008
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An idiot or dumbass who is also a jerk. related to a wanker that acts like a retard.
Jimmy is such a jerk, he's a real wanktard.
by jotthedot March 28, 2008
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euphemisim for penis.
Jimmy showed me his "spitting vicar".
by jotthedot April 10, 2008
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a chick that is a real dirty slut with out a good figure
Man that girl is flat and dirty. You could lay her down anywhere....she's a real throw rug.
by jotthedot May 30, 2006
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