A preppy town in the east bay area. Known for nice schools, people who can AFFORD drugs, Stoneridge mall, and upscale neighborhoods. Where the only way police make money is giving tickets to soccer moms in Escalades.

Pleasanton's in the valley, so in the summer, its 100 degrees, and in the winter, its 35.

They're preppier than Livermore, but not as preppy as Danville. Its pretty much an essential to make friends with kids from fremont.

And it surprises everyone that even though most the kids are white, they win hella sports anyway.

Its the perfect place to raise a family. But then again, alot of the parents are never home anyways.

The riches neighborhoods in Pleasanton are Ruby Hills, Castlewood, Golden Eagle, and Black Hawk. But there are also random private estates and low to mid million homes in The Preserve, Moller Ranch, and Ironwood.

The teachers kill to work there, but then regret it cause pretty much all of the family moved there for higher test scores. Some end up quitting because of pressure and complaints.

Its so much harder to find friends if you're knew in Pleasanton, than pretty much any other town in the bay area. Alot of the people were raised judgemental.

Downtown pleasanton, one of the thousand parks here, and Stoneridge mall are basically the only places to hang.

Pleasanton girls are hard to get at, because theyre picky with their men.

Commonly perceived as completely boring, but Pleasanton parties are the best parties. Why? People can afford the crack and Jack Daniels.
I love soccer girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch

Go to Pleasanton, that'll be your heaven.
by wtf?PleasantonPrep September 9, 2007
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Pleasanton is a strange mix of California-style suburban ennui, Silicon Valley northern satellite architecture, well-preserved older homes and buildings, and good schools.

Their high school football teams are noted for racking up impressive records against whitebread competition during the regular season, then getting the crap kicked out of them in the playoffs by toughass rednecks from schools like Oakdale in the Central Valley.

Dean's Cafe downtown is the total worldwide omelette dominator. Best place on the planet for omelettes. The end.

Overall Pleasanton is pretty darn pleasant, but it's got kind of an otherworldly, Potemkin village feel to it that's hard to qualify precisely. It's weird that way.
Dunno Joe, that doesn't strike me as too hardcore. Sorta Pleasanton, actually.
by Rolfmeister May 29, 2006
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okay. all you gayass people who write the bad definitions:

1. your probably from livermore, dublin, or danville. that explains it.

2. sorry. our school teams kick your asses. thats why we wear the jackets. rep.
3. prep/slut/jock/dumbfuck/goth/scene whatever. all towns have them.

4. just because we can afford nicer things than you. dont call us rich white gay preps. get over it.

5. oh. and "notapleasantonfag" or whatever; you probbly live in livermore/dublin/any-non ptown place.;)
cant wait for next season when our schools kick your asses(:
you wish you lived in pleasanton
by youwishyouwereaptwoner. March 20, 2010
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a place full of white republicans and close minded people.

the high schools are made up of

-mainly rich rich white girls that spend all of their parents money at the one mall in town. They are the ones in the slutty clothes that dress up as victoria secret models for halloween. They like sex and clothes...thats about it
-jock boys that love steroids and alcohol. They smoke weed and do drugs since everyone in pleasanton can afford that. They drive the most expensive cars they can get. They have sex with the girls above. They wear socks that go above their ankles and they all have the same style (those vans everyone has, the long socks, baseball jackets, diamond earrings, shaved heads). They are the most annoying people you will meet.
-the scene freshman. They wear bright colors, dye their hair, listen to retarded music, carry skateboards, they like suspenders, they make out with each other, they shop at either hot topic or zumiez. it looks like they jumped out of a coloring book. SUPER ANNOYING
-the scene/hxc/emo/goth kids. As stated before, they wet themselves to MSI. they shop ONLY at hot topic. They conform to every "non-conformist" thing. They wear the ugliest things (tripp pants, chains, mesh, fish nets, skull candy headphones, video game t-shirts, huge belts, scarves, tutus) I have no clue where they get their style, but honestly....come on!!! They watch pokemon, play their gameboys, smoke weed, drink, cry about their feelings, they are almost all gay, they are all sluts, they are almost all douchebags.
-normal kids. They are there doing nothing

and that is what pleasanton is made of.
"What is that kid wearing over there???"

"Oh thats just a wannabe emo/hxc kid from pleasanton"
by loserkid123456789 April 14, 2009
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stupid town in the east bay area with a bunch of entitled white kids. they all think they’re the shit and have juuls to try to look hard but they’ll tell on u if u call them a bitch. everyone is fake annoying and rich. 90% of the white boys there say slurs and try to act tough. every house there is like 1mil+ so shut them up if they say they’re from the streets. bonus bitch points if they call it ptown. i won’t even start on the karens there. don’t get caught going two over the speed limit or j walking because they will call in and report u.
have u ever gone to pleasanton?
no i heard the initiation process of entering there is someone shoving a stick up ur ass.
by leavemealone333 March 31, 2021
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types of people:
1. 55% of all the pleasantonite kids fall in to this catagory: aitheist or aganostic though their parents were raised christan or jewish so they still have to go to church. they make up the middle of the road group in the schools, the kids who get moderate to good grades and get in only a little trouble, often suck ups or sluts.
2.15% of the kids in pleasanton are waaay too christain and make fun of gay people and mexicans. they think their cooler than they realy are and show it. they often pretend to be skaters or gangsters and tell everyone storys about how tough they are.
3.15%...skaters. they too think that their realy awsome for the most part. some are cool and merge into the "punks" but a majority think that they are the best skater in town. also called "fgo kids" many smoke and drink, and quite a few smoke weed as well, shrooms not uncommon.
4.5%...punks. this includes all the kids that listen to underground bayarea punk, hardcore, noise, rockabilly ect. to be in this group you must also go to "shows" that play the music listed above. the main venue for pleasantonite punks, unity closed a few years ago so now most shows are held at the famous gilman in berkeley and house shows in the tri valley
5.3% these kids only play video games. they never leave thier house exept for school. they are often fat.
6.3% hippies these kids are very concerned with whats going on in the world today. they usualy get in trouble alot in and out of school and listen to old music from the 60's and hate modern rap and hip hop. they get called gay by the "popular" kids but dont realy care what people say about them too much. pot and shrooms are the drugs of choice for these kids and at home they make their parents buy free range meant, oraganic food and drinks, and hemp clothing.

the city: pleasanton is an upper middle class city with some rich neiborhoods. there is not very much to do, but downtown, the movie theater, and the mall are popular. crime is low and cops have way too much to do so get mad at kids for basicly nothing. some kids hang out in abandond houses and under bridges and on roofs, especially the hippies and punks
lets go to san fransisco instead of hanging around pleasanton today
by anonamouys January 16, 2008
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Pleasanton is probably the most ghetto place in the SF bay area. Everyone there has escalades and ferraris and bmws. The kids there can actually AFFORD drugs, so theres no crime or nothing.
Guy 1: Dude I wanna go to a place where I dont have to kill people for drugs!

Guy 2: Go to pleasanton!

High school girl: OMG SEX!
by MalikThaNigga April 18, 2011
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