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A small city/large town in central California. Located just NE of Modesto and SW of Sacramento. It is directly east of San Francisco. Oakdale is sometimes known as the gateway to Yosemite, because Hwy 120/108 to Yosemite run through the middle of it.
Oakdale is also known as the "Cowboy Capitol of the World" and hosts a rodeo weekend every year on the second weekend in April.
Oakdale is home to Hunts/ConAgra, one of the largest tomato prosessing plants in the world.
by TitiwiKekiliva June 11, 2009
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where everyone drives obnoxious big trucks and yell Oakdale Bud
person: where are you from?
resident of oakdale: OAKDALE BUD
by lametown002 October 05, 2017
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A. The most average suburb in the nation. Full of split-level homes and outdated strip-malls, Oakdale, Minnesota is the perfect place to live a bland and nondescript lifestyle. The only good part of Oakdale is its southern border which contains motorcycle dealerships, a Best Buy, and a BW3.

B. Oakdale also has a high school (Tartan High School -- Home of the Titans) that is loaded with cocky douchebags from the Oakdale/southern Maplewood area that love to talk about how great their sports teams are, even though they have a massive chokefest each time the playoffs roll around.
A. Even "Oakdale" sounds boring.

B. Tartan kid: Yeah, we rule.
by eastmetroballa August 03, 2009
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a town in suffolk county on long island in new york. it stretches from the the area south of sunrise highway down to the shore of the great south bay, borders sayville on the east, and on the west i'm not too sure, because it's borders are unclear to me. it's a nice town with many small businesses and a few restaurants on montauk highway. there are many nice houses there with most of the older ones being built around the 1950's and many newer houses down near the bay. it has a small LIRR station near montauk highway.

and i have no idea what the hell dr. joyce is talking about in his definition. he is obviously mentally slow or high, because i lived in oakdale for 11 years, and it is nothing like his description.
hey, i live in oakdale. it's a pretty nice place, you'd like living there too.
by longisland May 11, 2008
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A small upper middle class town on the water on long island. All the people that live there think they are better then everyone else. They spend there summers on the water at the yacht club, they own boats, and nice cars. There concerned with status symbols. When you get your drivers license you get a new car. Every boy is dressed like an Abercrombie model. The girls are head to toe in Juicy Couture or Abercrombie. They always dress in designer and carry the most expensive handbags. Most people from Oakdale are stuck up and a lot attend overpriced private schools. Most people from Oakdale are extremely good looking with nice bodies. A lot of people wish they were like people from Oakdale.
Yo i wish i was from oakdale.
by iloveyoujoey1 September 20, 2009
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Small town in Suffolk Long Island. Predominately upper middle class white folk. Many people believe they are from the streets and thus dress and act as such. Since there is plenty to do, they complain there is nothing to do. Certain cliques are so bored with their own existance they resolve to trying to upset people for entertainment. In reality.. no one cares about them... or Oakdale.
Ryan: Yo, there's nothing to do here in Oakdale, let's get high.
Fiore: I'm from the streets nigga.
by Dr. Joyce November 02, 2005
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