Livermore's a town full of sad kids who drink too much and drug it up, and go dumb to country or rap. When we tell people we're from Livermore they ask where it's at and we just say near Oakland or San Fran.
Livermore? What's that?
It's like 40 minutes away from San Fran.
by lissylol October 25, 2016
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This goes for late-night.

When everything else is closed, but you are still awake this is what you do:

Go to the Donut Wheel.

Go to Nation's Burger and pick up a milkshake.

Go check out how destructed our downtown has become.

Well thats about it. Livermore, Lovermore, LiveForMore, has been trying to make our city look better, at the same time ruin all entertainment and activity. You tell me if that sounds counter-productive.

Donuts and milkshakes at 4am.

Yay Livermore
by David Benterou September 10, 2006
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A town where people need more healthy livers because everyone drinks away their boredom.
"Hey we're in Livermore, what should we do?"
"What are our other options?"
"Drink more?"
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An Eastern Bay Area city where half the population are ranchers and the other half are wanna be thugs. Great if you want to consider yourself a Bay Area resident but don't actually want to live there. If you go to the top of the parking garage there will always be someone ready to sell you drugs. Lots of wine, downtown is alright, schools are eh, people are eh, hills are cool, windmills are relaxing, lab might explode any second, city has an element named after it, worlds longest lasting light bulb, and donuts. Need I say more?
Historian: Did you know they named it Livermore because of all the clinically depressed teenagers who drink themselves till their livers collapse?

Person: Wow, you learn something new everyday
by papaParr June 2, 2017
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A city in the Bay Area in northern California. Located in Alameda County(same county as Oakland). Population 82,000+. Livermore's downtown is hella sick now that they fixed it up and brought some good stuff in. There are two high schools which are overcrowded. The air quality is also below average.
me: livermore is pretty sick.
douche: what's livermore?
me: fuck you
by Obi Han Kinobe September 27, 2007
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oh hey, heard of Livermore?
the place where people turn to drugs or alcohol as the answer to their problems. The kids rather deal with their feelings by suicide or self harm. The kids that stop giving a damn because their parents don’t care. The small town that we live in that nobody knows that well. The kids that actually have a chance choose not to remember this town. The teachers that care more about us than our own parents. The place where we break our own hearts.
Where’s Livermore? About 40 minutes from San Fransisco.
by powerfulmind June 28, 2019
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ahh livermore
this place is where kids drink too much and smoke, cry themselves to sleep because of a broken heart or so much stress is put on them. but it sure as hell is a fun ass place to live, you do whatever you want. the only people that will care are your parents, not even that much. here it's like a small town that has not much going on, but in your life, there's a lot going on. lots and lots of divorces here. all we listen to in some country and rap, pop for the kids that don't know what's coming for them. all the parents do is drink wine and have parties, while the kids go out getting high and getting bad grades. lovermore is what I like to call it, ya fall in love the break your own heart.
I live in Livermore
whats that
a small town where nothing ever happens besides kids getting drunk
never heard of it
didn't think you would
by weallneedhelp October 22, 2018
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