City in New Jeresey. Real name is Paterson.
by Sandra March 16, 2005
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Penacook, also known as the PNC a suburb of Concord NH. A most awesome place with mad ganj hacky sack and good times
Dude i was chillin in the ptown last week we were so stoned.
by BMurph October 6, 2005
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Used in talking about the Wildlife Museum. That is located on the West Side of Petaluma, California; at the Petaluma High School. Petaluma Wildlife Museum is the biggest museum that is student ran. Over 10,000 people visited the museum each year. The students who work at the museum give tour to kids from Kindergartner to 6th grade. On their open houses they give tours to all different people.:)
Lets go down to *ptown and hold some pythons; that place is hella amusing then Casa Grande’s fish hatchery.
by Kristall January 31, 2006
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