n. the sexiest, prettiest, most amazing female athletes anywhere. they have talent and can still look hot while slide tackling another girl to the ground. it's no secret that boys are attracted to soccer girls. they are the best no question.
Hot Male 1: dude, check out those gorgeous girls over there...
Hot Male 2: oh yeah man thats the varsity girls soccer team. they are so hot and not to mention first place in league!

soccer girls from mater dei are the best no questions asked
by mdvars16 January 26, 2011
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This girl is not one that likes pink dresses. She lives for soccer and will never give it up. She can’t really do anything else but play and practices every day. That type of girl that wears shorts on January and doesn’t care about how she looks. Wears her hair in prerap and up all the time. And only wears sneakers and high soccer socks. Silent care about boys and drama. Gets mad easily and is not afraid to scream. She is very loud and has high self confidence. She is very competitive and makes everything a competition. But she is very nice and is a good person to talk to.
by FS.17 February 26, 2019
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The sexiest most beautiful most GERORGUS GIRL OUT THERE!! They are so bad ass and so much better than basketball girls🤢 They are stupid funny and always the favorite of any friend group.
Damn you see that soccer girl over their!? Shes fineeeeeeee
by Tork10 January 03, 2021
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A past association with a subset of women who took part in an activity or series of activities resulting in a more than average attractive woman. Typically referring to athletic or toned figures.

Named after soccer girls because that was the first example given for this association.
Ethan: I think that Jessica is attractive.

Jay: She played sports in college and was varsity.

Scott: That makes sense then that she is attractive due to the Soccer Girl Theory.
by megapixel2000 March 29, 2009
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Person 1: Is she a soccer girl.
Person 2: Yes.
Person 3: Man she probably sleeps around.
by Lizzo-123 May 24, 2020
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