a logo pretentious eighth grade girls wear asif they put out.
or they wear a playboy bunny logo to try an rub off some of the sex appeal.
by g when? dolyn May 4, 2006
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a cute bunny representin the company playboy
also the name of the nakie models.........
by ME AGAIN!! July 16, 2004
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Where my wang is! It feels great!
My wang is inside the playboy bunny!
by Joe c August 26, 2004
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A beautiful airhead with big boobs and small brains, this two-legged animal would screw anything (including a dirty old man who is old enough to be their great-great grandfather) to get to the top. Some would even take their clothes off to get any kind of attention from the public.
Bambi, my ex-girlfriend, has spent all of her inheritance from her rich uncle to get fake boobs. She has such low self-esteem that she looks like a Playboy Bunny just to get dates with rich old men.
by The Real Canadian September 7, 2016
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A tanline caused by a playboy bunny sticker at the tanning bed. Usually placed on the inside of the hip above the public area.
Signifies that the person with the tanline is "DTF", or a slut in general and will "put out" or have sex with anyone willingly. An "easy lay".
You that girl got the playboy bunny tanline so I know I can hit it!

She got that playboy bunny tanline, lets run a train on her.
by Jockguy19 August 28, 2022
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Commonly seen in jewelry, tattoos, online artwork and on popular rapper Playboi Carti The inverted Playboy Bunny or Upside-down Playboy Bunny has no official connections to any gang activities, groups, sayings or really anything besides being heavily used by rapper Playboi Carti and his fans.

To me the upside down or inverted Playboy bunny represents somthing hardcore, luxurious and masculine like the Playboy Club while the rotated logo signifies change, uniqueness / not quite fitting in or becoming a "playboy" through unconventional means.
Brad: Why the hell are all the kids starting to wear upside down Upside-down Playboy Bunny shit? Don't they know its facing the wrong way?

Tom: No Brad there just edgey teenagers and drug dealers and they think it looks cool.
by Begotten July 29, 2021
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a person making alot of money poseing 4 playboy
kira make that funny money on dat playboy bunny
by song lyrics March 10, 2007
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