A fetish act where one deficates onto a glass plate which is held above another's face for viewing pleasure.
That plate job you gave me was lovely, darling, it oozed for a while, smeared nicely, and smelled an awful lot like flowers!
by Big D January 9, 2003
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The act of performing cunnilingus on a female,as in "Licking the plate clean"
He performed a "plate job" on his girlfriend and in return she performed "head" for him.
by Denis Allen November 20, 2016
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A sexual act in which an individual lies prostrate on the ground while holding a piece of plate glass directly above his or her face, and while gripping it so as to create a flat surface in relation to the ground, another individual proceeds to defecate upon it. Some cases may also call for the feces to be smeared or squashed onto the glass using the buttocks and genitals and resulting in more artistic approach to this time-honored pennsylvanian tradition, which was first introduced by the amish in the early 18th century.

(This is notably similar to the glass bottom boat, with exception to the necessity of a coffee table and indicative only of an action concerning plate glass and shitting. Usage of the term usually denotes a higher level of mobility and/or lower social/financial stature than that of "glass boat" clientele).

Also note: In the absence of any plate glass, a welder's mask is often substituted for this application.
Fearing that his wife might become suspicious of a shit-stench on his clothing, the buisinessman opted for a pittsburgh plate job while attending the whorehouse.
by CzHole May 16, 2008
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" When she gave me a neanderthal plate job, I didn't know I was going to need a towel"
by cullop March 23, 2010
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A woman, who looks like a cow, squats over a glass-topped coffee table and defacates while you watch, lying on your back with your face leering up at her ass.
While I was passed-out drunk on the bathroom floor, I managed to open one eye just as a large woman was preparing to use the facility. I thought I was in the middle of a bovine plate job.
by Joe Beets October 14, 2007
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When you made a nice meal for your lady and she had too much of the main course and couldn't eat desert. Not wanting any more calories she lies down on her back and holds a glass plate over her face while you shit a creamy turd onto the glass for her pleasure.
My girlfriend was trying to loose weight, so instead of going back for seconds I gave her a plate job.
by thatisgreasy May 21, 2022
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