A sexual act in which the customer lays under a glass coffeetable and looks up through it, while their partner defecates on the top. How some people find this stimulating I'll never know.

Also can refer to the same positioning with a coffee table but the person on top merely presses their genitals onto the glass, for "squashed" visual effect - or can refer to defecating onto someone's face which has been first covered in plastic kitchen wrap like Saran Wrap.
Your grandfather got arrested in Thailand again after paying an underage transvestite hooker for some glass bottom boat action.
by Frank667788 August 21, 2006
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Have sex with some "PERSON" and wait till they they fall asleep. "when they are asleep" wrap their face with seran wrap, poke a hole so they can breath, and take a crap on their face. They wake up and see Brown (or green pending on 'doers' diet) crap on thier face
Shut up hoe before i glass bottom boat that purty face of yours.
by WholovesdaMonkey March 8, 2005
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A boat with a glass bottom. This allows its passengers to view the water beneath them from the safety of the boat.
Joe: I want to go scuba diving but im afraid of sharks.

Steve: Just take a ride on a glass bottom boat, you can see the ocean and theres no danger of sharks.
by tinki94 August 7, 2009
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To place plastic wrap on someone's face and then proceed to defocate on it.
by The kush September 7, 2008
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when you wrap someone's face in plastic wrap and then shit on them
that girl let me glass bottom boat her, man i love shitting on people.
by stephanieboat February 16, 2007
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the REAL definition:
when you put saran wrap on your chest and someone takes a shit on it and you flip the saran wrap into your face

people have ACTUALLY done this... and i have no idea how fecal matter is sexually stimulating but whatever floats your boat i guess... i made a funny.
dude 1: yea cassy gave me a glass bottom boat..
dude 2: you sick fuck.
by bitchshitcuntfuck August 7, 2008
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when you put plastic rap over your face and have someone shit all over your plastic covered head.
I sure could go for a good glass bottom boat right about now.
by Ross and Chiu May 11, 2005
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