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Christians believe that God is a trinity, consisting of Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Supposedly these 3 together are God. Yet since they are not together, there is technically no one all powerful God. If God was perfect, he would not require three parts to acomplish what He wanted. A perfect God would be one God, and he will never show himself on this Earth for he is above such things. The Jews were too scared to eaven "HEAR" him because they feared they would die, and God said it was a good decision. Yet they claim Jesus is God or part of God, but while on earth he was 100% God and 100% man (adds up to 200% but Christians can't count). In reality, Jesus was just a man. The powers he had he said came from the Father. So in reality he was 100% man and 0% God. Yet most Christians will never agree to this, because the idea that God not being God even for a while is ridiculous. Yet it is the truth what they believe. Why else could Jesus ask the Father for help, say he did everying because of the Father's help.

On a side note, Jews do not believe Jesus was a prophet or God, but just a good man, even though they killed him. Muslims believe Jesus was just a prophet, and not God. They reject the idea of the Trinity. In fact the Holy Spirit in Islam is not part of God but it is Gabriel. Truly the Islamic view makes the most sense.
Christians believe God is a Trinity, but it makes no sense and no Christian can truly explain it. It is indeed polytheism.
by Big D August 6, 2005
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THE best show ever made!
Main characters:
Kramer, Cosmo

They're always getting into trouble with other people who aren't really like them. They have there own world that really depends on Superman and cerial. Incase some people watching the show didn't notice, in every episode there is something about Superman, whether it's said or seen.

No show out there has yet to match it.
George:What about a show about nothing?
Jerry:Are you out of your mind? Okay, what would happen in show?
George:What did you do today?
Jerry:Well I got up, I took a shower, got dressed, and came here.
George:There's a show, that's a show!
Jerry:So you want me to go into NBC and tell them we want to do a show about nothing?
Jerry:I think you may have something here.
by Big D June 27, 2004
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the term used for someone in a pimped out ride with iced out rims and a gucci interior.
Master P is settin on chrome.
by Big D June 5, 2003
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the best place in the world best rappers too
has all of the following rappers nelly st. lunatics ludacris pistol etc
by Big D December 3, 2003
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Suburb of Rochester New York. Located about 10 miles of down town Rochester.
Yo that fly DJ Hyp is the ruler of Spencerport. He has all the honeies wantin his fine ass, and all the homie wantin to be him.
by Big D March 20, 2005
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a person from both black and hispanic descent
Tyrone banged Juanita, and now they have a little spoda!!
by Big D January 9, 2003
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Fastest car you can buy for under $22,000. 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, does the 1/4 mile in high 13's. Simply an amazing car and loved by car reviewers world wide for it's smoking performance and low price.
1.)Yeah, Johnny Dickweed spent $35,000 on that 350Z and got smoked by Dustin in his bone stock SRT-4 at the track.

2.)Yo did you see that SRT-4 smoke those riced out Civics? He didn't even have any mods doen and ran a 13.8 at the track!!!
by Big D March 20, 2005
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