Small glass pipe used to smoke (technically, feebase) methamphetamine.
Yo, load up the pizzo already!
by Methedrineus of Twakistan September 11, 2004
Protection payment. From the Sicilian pizzu (‘beak’). To ‘let someone wet their beak’ is to pay protection money to them.
Pizzo, il douche!!!...
by VAKI5 January 20, 2005
An italian word used by the mafia for protection money
Dami il pizzo (give me the protection money)
by Duckie_EXE September 23, 2022
Pizzo=Non cut pizza

Pizza=cut pizza

When pizza is not cut its a circle and when pizza is cut it looks like a “A” like a slice
Person1: Hey wanna eat some pizza today
Person2: Yeah sure I’ll order
Person1: Ok

Person2: It will be $32.15 and it come in about 20 minuets

Person1: Alright
Delivery Guy: (knocks)

Delivery Guy: This is for Tenson K
Person1: Yes thats me

Delivery Guy: Ok that will be $32.15
Person1: Alright here you go

Delivery Guy: Ok thank you, have a good day
Person1: Have a good day too sir
Person1:(goes back in the house) Hey lets eat
Person2: Yeah
Person1: (Opens the pizza and looks at it) shit its a Pizzo

Person2: Nooooooo
by RAS-T king July 2, 2018
Your place of residence. Your pad.
Bro 1: "Yo. What you doing?"
Bro 2: "Nothing much, mayne. Just posted at the pizzo."
by B0ZACK December 15, 2019