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When a guy sticks his penis in the girls ass or vagina and pisses while his penis is in there. It is said this is not pleasurable unless girlfriend is 100% horney or drunk.
"Susie, my boyfriend piss fucked me last night. and i hope he never does it again."
by slt7596hfhdfk April 29, 2007
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verb. to urinate into the anus or vagina during sexual intercourse.
If it weren't for HIV, we'd all go out and get pissfucked and then felched, wouldn't we?
by P R de Guermentes January 17, 2004
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a word used when no other cus word works for the conversation, used as a name, and "angry word" and can be used towards someone's actions.
he's such a pissfuck
ahh pissfuck, i dropped my shake.
....well that was a pissfuck move.
by themanwholikeschicken March 12, 2010
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1. A word that just sums up a cunty person or thing

2. The art of pissing in someones vag or bum.

'Today is a proper pissfuck day'
'Sam, you are a fucking pissfuck'


'Bend over woman, I'm going to pissfuck you in the bum bum.'
by doofle November 22, 2012
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An insult that has no meaning, that is used when the insultor cannot think of something to say.
" piss fuck!!"
by JCIZZLE January 12, 2005
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