1. a person who wakes up early

2. a person who arrives early
I am an early bird, but I do sleep in on weekends.
by Light Joker May 17, 2005
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An early bird is a term that refers to a guy that is easily aroused, cums too early, and lasts a short period of time.
"He was an early bird! I just started and he came all over me!"
by dickpleaser <3 May 20, 2010
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One who ejaculates early during sex.
Daughter:Early bird.
Daughter:You came too soon!
by puppethead December 20, 2005
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The ultimate way to start an all-day binge. Refers to being up and drunk within 4-6 AM and staying up for the entire day (until you would normally go to bed on a drinking day, sometimes taking you to 24 hours). Make sure you have atleast 1 great drinking ally or several drinking buddies for this veritable marathon of booze. Its lesser relatives are the 'Rise and Souse' and the 'AM attack'
You: I had a killer Saturday, it was a bonafide Early Bird. 24 hours of heavy drinking insanity.

Well-Informed Cockney Englishman: Remarkable! Nothin like getting shined to the tits, eh? Right proper job mate, you flunk your booze like a reg'lar champine.

You: Right on.
by GregTheDrinker August 28, 2008
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When your penis pops out of your pants/underwear.
Guy 1: "Ew dude whats that"
Guy 2: "Sorry dude, I have an Early Bird"
by sumguyk24 September 13, 2011
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A person part of your vacation group who gets up at the crack of dawn every day. He/she wants the fullest fun he can get. Kind of like a kid watch cartoons on saturday hes/shes up early raring to go.
Bradley the early bird. On a cruise hes up, dressed and on the decks at dawn to start havin fun
by Theamazinggeek April 27, 2019
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Replaces "Black Friday" as corporate America jump starts the holiday shopping season one day earlier than normal.
Mom: Now don't forget... Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Same time as usual.

Bud: Can't make it.

Mom: What? Why not?

Bud: The marketing gurus at corporate decided that eating turkey with family and friends is less important than adding another full day of retail sales. The mall is gonna be open on freaking Thanksgiving day. Can you believe it? They're rolling out this whole "Early Bird Thursday" deep discounting promotion to add one more full day of shopping before Christmas.

Mom: I suppose, in some way, it's just a different sort of "family value".

Bud: Gold bless America!
by Bah Humbug! November 26, 2010
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