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When you blind fold a chick pour coke down her pussy.
Monica: Last night, Danny gave me a pussy soda

Abbi: That had to hurt

Monica: YYeah. I hate him now
by fishy20 October 02, 2010

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When you fuck a girl through the pussy and she pisses while your fucking USUALLY PLANNED BY YOU BOTH! It feels awesome!
Last night Camibelle and I were piss fucking.... oh my gosh It was great!
by Fishy20 October 05, 2010

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a sex game. To set up, lay white sheets all over the floor. Buy art supplies like paint, glue, and such. Buy a timer.

Have a spinner with each of the girls names on it. each of The guys spin it and take the girl it lands on. Each girl puts on a blind fold and the timer is started.

First each couple fucks, then the guy uses his art supplies to decorate her pussy. When the time rings, the game is over. Each girl lays still with her lags wide open so the guys can walk around and choose who won. Th winner gets to screw all of the girls at the party how ever he wants.
Jon won sex art and fucked each chick doggy style
by Fishy20 October 02, 2010

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when you are fooling round with a chick and you take out a plunger and do her with it.
Beth: He gave me the pussy plunger
Monica: Wow.
by fishy20 October 02, 2010

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