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A creative unique way of spelling a overly common name. This results in a very unique person. Most Aric's will enjoy a variety of music but love metal the most. They will always excede your expectations and make you wish you could be together constantly. Traditionally identify themselves as a German Russian combination. Have the tendency to be argumentative but never judgmental. Aric's may seem like fighters but on the inside they are the most loving and caring of men. They are real men. Because of that they are loved by all the right people.
Aric's favorite band in Iron Maiden.

Person 1: That Aric is such an ugly jerk!
Person 2: No. He is in fact the most handsome and awesome person you will ever encounter.
by nunca February 11, 2009
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Someone who seems to be "The Chosen One". They are thought by many, if not everyone, to be Gods gift to Earth. They are definitely Gods favorite child and loved by everybody. Everyone who is not an "Aric" is considered a peasant. "Arics" control pretty much everything that happens and they are very, very, very, omnipotent. Everyone wishes they could be an "Aric", but in reality, there are very few out there. They are the all mighty breed of the Human Race. Never, will they ever, fail to succeed. They are believed to be immortal.
All four original band members of Led Zeppelin came from breeds of an "Aric". They were the best band ever and will always be the best because they were all "Arics".
Source: Brett Browning, Omena
by Russ Madson May 10, 2008
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A michigan term used to describe a hot ass pilot. Mostly used by non pilots to indicate they are crazy for that pilot.
Wow did you see Aric the other day? He was so hot!
by pilotadn October 19, 2007
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the anti-christ's many many children normally white and crazy. will kill people in an elevator if tequilla is spilt.
guy1: dude aric just lit his little brother on fire for tequilla.

guy2: don't fuck with him then
by fattallsturdymonster April 30, 2009
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