The act of stealing quality memes. The meme pirate may or may not notify the victim of their piracy.
Mario: Hey check out this spicy meme!
Pat: Dood this is my meme now.
Mario: You have committed the vicious crime of meme piracy!
Pat: Get rekt.
by Mariomonte13 April 19, 2018
Meme piracy is the act of stealing memes. Most usually this act is done by downloading the image or video and posting it elsewhere
Person 1 : Haha that's a funny meme you posted in general, what inspired you to make it?
Person 2 : Oh I didn't I found it on Instagram.
Person 1: That's Meme Piracy.
Person 2: What?
by CherrykoolaidYT August 5, 2021
If you do this, you're an asshole
Person 1: I just committed indie piracy
Person 2: Are you fucking serious? You're stealing from independent developers that aren't multimillionaires? You asshole.
by PixelatedRetro August 6, 2022