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Easy, no trouble, no stress, simple as can be.
Derived in Yorkshire from the kid slang: easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Ie Lemon pip (seed) - pipsicale - pipsy. Currently in use with 11\12 year olds, who claim its old coinage, at least 2 years old.
Teacher: You can now begin the test. Turn over your papers.

(A pause of vocal silence and paper rustling, followed by the sniff of the precosious kid at the front)

Precosious kid: This test is pipsy. I'll get 100 per cent.
by chris firth September 23, 2006
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The male genitailia, (Penis)

An insult derived from the ways of language spoken by Justin Cooper.
He looks like a cubbie that just say there all day playin with his pipsy. HABAISTON!!
by Shemeth April 02, 2004
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A 50 something year old man that looks like he’s 80. A Pipsy frequently thinks he is going to be dead before the next time he sees you.
Dan : who was that guy standing outside the bar thanksgiving night. He looked so lonely.
Kevin : he’s just a poor Pipsy
by The_Streets October 13, 2017
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