A fat unemployed 25 year old loser who sits on his ass all day living in his parent’s basement that smells like dog shit and farts all while playing the same disgusting “league of legends game”. His diet consists of pizza and sodas. This so called “gamer” is too fat and lazy to touch grass or even get up to go to the bathroom. He sleeps in his broken chair (broken because he’s so fat) and in his sleep he dreams about his dad loving him.
XxLoLballs69420xX is a League of legends player who has ligma
by dhar woman July 20, 2022
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A person who has played league of legends. They have a good life and some are even healthy. They are even celebrities who play esports
Guy 1: What are you playing.
Guy 2: league of legends player.
Guy 1: That’s cool. Shame bozos can stop stereotyping these people.
Guy 2: I know right?
by Uctlkxttdxi December 15, 2022
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Someone who spends all their time bricked up over League skins with red-Cheeto dust on their fingers.
They have never interacted with a woman
"Jason you League of Legends player stop and take a shower"
by BigMonkeyLover September 4, 2022
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A person who weighs at least 3 tons and hasn’t moved or touched grass for 25 or more years, and simps for hot anime girls.
I once had a really good friend until he started to play league of legends and he hasn’t moved out of his $850 gaming chair since. He weighs as much as a league of legends player. This league of legends players hasn’t touched grass or moved out of his room yet in 25 years.
by 0975432345 October 23, 2022
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Racist people who looks down on people who can't afford a computer that can run League of Legends
Fetty : Hey guys, look at this fool, cant afford a computer, HAHA!..
Ben : what a fool!!..can't even afford a computer to play League of Legends.
Fetty : We League of Legends players are more rich than this fool.
Ben : Yeah!...FOOL SO POORR!!
by Mr.Asiankid May 30, 2020
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a garbaged human being in which they choose to play one of the worse MOBA games that the world has every developed, they choose to cyber bully and get cyber bullied simply because they are masochists for an inordinate amount of pain
OP: "that league of legends player over there is having a seizure"
F: "leave them, they play league of legends"
by bigfatjerseymikesubs January 25, 2022
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