A “Pinocchio” typically occurs to a man during a 69 session while eating pussy so aggressively that his nose ends up in her ass hole. This can be both a positive and negative experience all at once.
“I gave her the Pinocchio while she swallowed my cock
by Chedward Lazaro May 6, 2010
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the act of having an erection, but denial of witnessing anything arousing.

lying about if you have a boner
travis: "i saw erica's boobs at wild rivers yesterday"

kyle: "hahaha did she know?"

travis: "she asked if i saw her boobs fall out, but i was a pinocchio about it and acted dumbfounded"
by seekylerun July 24, 2011
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A girl or guy that has a really big nose, either because of genes, or because they lie too much. Other words for them can be: Pino, Pinocone, Ronald Reagan, Pinny, Big Nose, Liar Liar, etc.
President Ronald Reagan was the king of all pinocchios.
by not found [Error 404] January 10, 2009
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A guy who is totally ruled by his girlfriend (See Gepetto)
Yo pinocchio, you hanging ten homes?
Nah, esse gotta chill wit Gepetto, I'mma bizounce
by RickyP June 10, 2005
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The Pinocchio- You must first place your balls over the victims eyes like you would for the arabian goggles. The next part is crucial and the most difficult you must get and erection and put it over the recipients nose giving the allusion that his nose is long and hard.
Tom-"Did you see that picture? my nose looks quite long when I sleep on my badk"

Nick-"That wasn't your nose you idiot you that was my erection, I gave you The Pinocchio.
by uptown girl April 24, 2009
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1. A puppet with a very long nose and who wants to become a real boy.

2. A tank with a very long cannon (similar to the nose of Pinocchio.)
War Thunder player: "What? A stupid pinocchio killed my tank!
by UrbanComedy04 December 12, 2016
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1. A slang term meaning oral sex.
2. A fictional puppet from the 1940 Disney movie of the same name.
1. I'm going out with my girlfriend tonight. I hope she gives me Pinocchio.

2. Ben: I'm watching Pinocchio right now.
Roger: You're watching oral sex!?
Ben: No man, you're a fag. I'm watching the Disney movie.
by hot-fire March 11, 2006
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