(ADJ): used to describe something that is legitimate, not fake, and for real.

Derived from Pinnocchio, where he says he wants to be a "real boy."
"Yeah, I actually went to real boy high school instead of getting home-schooled."

"Is that a real boy Lamborghini? You never see those around here."
by MurrayMLK December 20, 2008
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1) a regular person, caught up in their day-to-day activities, with no unusual interests or ideas

2)a normal man
Etymology: Refers to Pinnochio wanting to be a real boy

"That girl is married, has a mortgage, a honda, and two goblins. She is just a real-boy like the rest of us."
by sam ward May 27, 2007
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A real whiteboy is a person of caucasian decent that is multi cultured, multi taleted, and multi versitile. A real whiteboy can blend in to any situation and control it. A real whiteboy can take nothing and turn it into something.
Jason Mounsey is a real white boy
by Jason Mounsey June 24, 2014
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It’s Hyunjin actually, cut the fanwars
“Did you know that SKZ Hyunjin is the 4th gen it boy (real)?”
“Yea obviously, everybody knows that.”
by caca0325 July 03, 2021
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Boy that wears his boots on a daily basis An didn’t just wake up one day an started wearing them because of his friends. Knows how to hunt fish an get a little mud on his boots. Got an nice little booty in his jeans an dips cause he looks good doing it.
Carlee: man he’s one real country boy with that dip in his lip an that nice booty too;)
Hannah: girl i know he’s a hottie! He’s one of those real country boys.
by Page-mom January 31, 2018
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