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One who lacks the intelligence of the "normal" sector of the human population; even so cannot handle the most mundane of tasks due to the lack of common sense and intelligence.
Don't screw with my computer you fucking pinhead; you'll break it!!!
by Buck May 09, 2003
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A VERY Dumb or Stupid person not capable of making educated decisions on their own or constantly making mistakes
"Why didn't Billy cash in his lottery ticket before it expired" ? Because he's a fucking "PIN HEAD" that's why !
by JerZ ICE August 26, 2007
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Pinhead is a nice way of calling someone a dumb shit or a dumb fuck, but the person using the word wants to whitewash their malice with an innocuous sounding word in order to give you a label with their analysis.
Never let anyone call you a pinhead, regardless of their education, status, or wealth because in letting them give you that label--it empowers their opinion and analysis and allows him or her to belittle you with condescending nonsense, including their desire to "help" you or to use you as a guinea pig to prove how much that he or she "loves" people.
by Rosebud1776 February 15, 2017
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someone who is clueless and has no idea of what so ever.
pinhead) you are such a pinhead
you're dumb buddy
you're so remedial
by MICK-DOG February 08, 2014
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1) a stupid person
2) the lead badass from the Hellraiser movies
1)"Ow! I said suck it don't bite it! i want my money back you fuckin pinhead!"

2)When he’s not working Pinhead’s hobbies include acupuncture, Ribiks cube, body piercing and fly fishing with the hooks he shoots out
by MrSlicko July 12, 2009
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The most badass horror villain of all time, he can ruin anybodys shit, even McCleod cant kill pinhead. Nobody will ever kill him.
Nobody can kill Pinhead.....except for channard...but lets not talk about channard...
by Cheesebadger January 09, 2005
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