Exhibiting a sudden change of personality, from one extreme to another.
1. Man I be workin' the honey when she went non-linear on my ass.

2. Dis bitch be talkin' fly an stuff when all of a sudden she went non-linear 'bout her job n' shit. Know what I'm sayin' ?
by Slim Shady April 8, 2005
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Selling in pairs or other combinations and for more than one year at a time, thereby decreasing the absolute number of deals required to sell out your inventory as well as increasing your efficiency and productivity.
If there are 200 signs in an arena and you sell them to sponsors in pairs for a term of two years each then you only need to make 50 deals per year to sell out your inventory instead of 200 per year--thus, you have reduced your workload by 75%. If you can further increase the number of multi-year deals for pairs of signs you can do per annum then your sales will increase at an ever increasing rate-- that is non-linear selling.
by ProfBruce April 3, 2011
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A remark , explanation, or story that bears little or no reliability or truth.
I have no time for non-linear conversations. Bullshit is the domain of liars.
by Badd Kkarma October 4, 2021
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