Spongebob:(in southern accent) Alright pinhead,your time is up....
Patrick:Who you callin' pinhead?
by 3975 January 16, 2018
Lead cynobite in the horror flick Hellraiser by Clive Barker.
Pinhead will tear your soul apart.
by Nicky_M November 1, 2004
1) a stupid person
2) the lead badass from the Hellraiser movies
1)"Ow! I said suck it don't bite it! i want my money back you fuckin pinhead!"

2)When he’s not working Pinhead’s hobbies include acupuncture, Ribiks cube, body piercing and fly fishing with the hooks he shoots out
by MrSlicko July 13, 2009
A song written by The Ramones (specifically by Dee Dee Ramone) in 1977 on their "Leave Home" album. The lyric goes: "I don't wanna be a pinhead no more. I just met a nurse that I could go for...D-U-M-B Everyone's accusing me!" The song was inspired by the movie "Freaks" and the comic "Zippy the Pinhead." The word "pinhead," in this context, refers to an outcast/freak/childish character with a cone-shaped head.
"Jo is wearing an outfit that looks different from what everyone else in the school is wearing. What a pinhead."

"Jo's head is pretty pointy at the top. I wonder what it must be like to be a pinhead."

"Gabba Gabba Hey!" - The Ramones
by Tracy Atkins March 23, 2006
A Democrat who knows their shit. Though when invited to appear on The O'Reilly factor, their microphone tends to be cut off within the first two minutes.
O'Reilly: Oh, so you got evidence to prove Fox News was wrong on 9 million accounts? Well then, you have the last word, go.

Democrat: Okay, on the 21st of January you mentioned -

O'Reilly (eyes expanding): - OKAY, CUT THE MIC! CUT IT!

O'Reilly (calming down): Those pinheads really are hatfeul. But, at Fox News since we are 'fair and balanced' we have to give them their say. It's hard being fair. (smiles)
by oplunu February 27, 2009
an oldstyle sail (circa 1975-1990) in windsurfing that has a pointy top. newer sails have battens that move the trailing edge of the sail away from the mast, and increase the angle that it makes at the tip of the sail.
"are you still sailing with that pinhead sail?"
by jim gossage May 23, 2008
A pinhead is someone who comes from the north of Devon, England, who scrounges off everyone and has no survival instincts.
Look at that pinhead! He needs to sort his life out!
by Trixey Smith August 10, 2009