To paraphrase Robert Crumb, perhaps the only daily comic in America worth taking a'gander at. Common fodder includes the lyrical nature of the English language, the upsetting predeliction towards mindless consumerism rampant throughout Modern America, and gargantuan roadside artifices. Blends postmodern, absurdist, and slyly leftist leanings in a potpourri of at once dry and eclectic humor.
If you can't get it, that's your loss.
"Good Lord Martha! Observe this new strip they're running in the Post!"
"Why, that is merely a microcephalic clown reiterating the quatrosyllabic name of a popular Sears product!"
"This isn't nearly as broad as Blondie! I'm going to go register my disgust with the Editors!"
"And I'll utilize this as an opportunity to nurture my nascent polemicism and cloak-and-shadow narrow-mindedness by intoning my ill-advised position on the Intra-Net, Dad!"
"Good thinking, my boy. Cripes, you can even blame the whole mess on Acid if you feels like it!"
by apocalypse cow January 8, 2005
1.) A complete clusterfuck of ideas strewn together in a mediocre collaboration between alchohol and hand that completely skips the mind and development stages. It is the metaphysical manifestation of all the bad acid trips from the 60's and 70's finally gathered and plotted down on newspaper that seeks to arouse "t3h g1ggL3ZorrZ" in the morning populace that reads them. Meaningless in meaning, pointless in point, it's top priority is to be bathroom tissue. The only strip it'll be useful for is stripping excrememnt from buttholes.

2.) A horrible fucking comic strip.
*At the breakfast table*
"Hey, dad. Did you ever get Zippy the Pinhead?"
"Oh, fuck no."
by Joey December 14, 2004