Pingas is a famous misheard word derived from the animated TV show Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s one of the classical subjects of YouTube Poop. It has more uses than the word "potato".
"SnooPING AS usual, I see!" -Origin of word

"You must touch my pingas!" -Example usage
by MAH NIGGAH August 15, 2013
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Aussie slang word for Mdma pills or otherwise known as ecstasy or Molly
FunkyIceJunky: oi Captain wanna go get some pingas and chew on our faces at school ya dropkick
Capped up Captain: Fukn oath ya junky lets make some zinger pinger jaw swingers and munch on our faces untill we drop
by Funkyicejunky April 2, 2020
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Name of brasilian spirit, that is actually a very rough and not aged rum.
We sat together and drank some pinga from Paraty
by Druna August 21, 2005
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its a word to describe a little girl or boy (pingo) that are very hyper, it means "little devil". in other coutries its also known as meaning penis.
p 1:"that girl wont stop running around"
p 2:"yeah he is such a pinga!"
by Regia April 26, 2008
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Something Cubans typically say that is affiliated with their own mishap or error
Person 1: Mira en Cuba yo tenia cuatro gallos que se llamaban...
Person 2: FOKIN PINGA DUDE I twisted my ankle
Person 1: Carlos y Tomas
by Chopenguin May 15, 2016
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