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The mascot for the social news website Reddit, mainly depicted as a short white alien with orange eyes and an antenna.
Just imagime if Reddit was actually designed by aliens in disguise, and Snoo is their leader.
by CelticEagle February 11, 2019
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A snoo is a long-nosed mythical creature, rather like a cross between a shrew and a nose and a poo. Shy and quiet, they like to stick their snouty noses in the grass to snuffle for truffles.
I saw a snoo the other day, I can't be sure, it could have been a shrew.
by bunny_lover January 02, 2011
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Kinda like a shart. But in this instance the motion emerges as a result of the muscle change caused by a sneeze, hence the name: sneeze + poo = snoo.

Hard to believe possible I know, but I've seen it happen. It was awful.
*Al enters office from adjoining warehouse looking gleeful*

Al: "You're not gonna believe this... Jay just had to go home!"

Shezzer: "What? Why?"

Al: "He just snooed!"

Shezzer: Gross! That's a food-safe environment...
by GuacamoleSoup October 01, 2014
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Part of an idiotic, corny, and wonderful joke.

"Man, it feels good to get out of the snoo."

"What's snoo?"

"Oh, not much...what's snoo with YOU?"
There sho' nuff is a lot of snoo in this here freezer, boy.

See also updog and upwitchu.
by shintriad July 06, 2006
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To rub noses with either a partner or lover, or a much loved pet animal, in an affectionate way, like the Eskimo kiss but with more gentitlity- unless it's a 'woodpecker snoo', which is a much faster, slightly more aggressive (but still pleasurable) action. Can also be the pet name of the person you regularly do it with.
"Oo oo oo, I wanna snoo with you"

"You are my snuvverly snoo"

"Snoo with that flibbly woo"
by Herr Metaaaal December 12, 2012
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The unfortunate play dough looking, gorgonzola smelling substance that attaches to the end of your fingertip at the completion of a foray into the

overweight, sweaty and slightly rashy belly button of a middle aged man
Boris furrowed his brow for a fleeting moment as he questioned whether he had actually put the mangy mut outside. he chuckled as he remembered the somewhat moorish scent was radiating out as he picked at his Snoo scab forming on the 6th rim of his belly button
by Senator Palpatations May 31, 2018
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a little/funny looking/disabled/old person. multiple snoos make up a snoomunity, of which the princess snoo is the leader and alex franklin is her second in command. when one snoo sees another they have to say "SNOOOO" to point each other out.
"im just a cheeky snoo OK?"


by Snoofy August 03, 2007
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