The overall essence of excellence in almost every aspect of life. Also a very rare energy source that only those who have mastered the art of ultimate PWNage can harness for their own personal gain. For as we all know..."HaPENIS is so much more enjoyable when it's at the expense of another's misery."
1. That dude's PINGAS radiates from every orifice of his body. And his mom's. Which I filled with my PINGAS last night! OOHHHHH!!!!
2. Wild PINGAS has appeared. ROBOTNIK used PWNage. PINGAS WAS CAUGHT!!!!
by Andrew VB March 5, 2010
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Used as a slang for word the drug ecstasy.
Hey man, can you hook me up with a couple of pingas? I want to dance like a donkey.
by Josht June 2, 2006
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Australian slang for Ecstasy or LSD or even MDMA, just pills and drugs that arnt injectable or smokable in general.
Oi mate can you chuck me the pingas?
Dude see if you can bring the pingas.
Are these some good pingas?
by thedukeultimate March 30, 2015
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The literal translation from spanish would be "the penis of a monkey" however in Venezuela, it is used to describe something "cool".
Esa fiesta fue de pinga
-That party was good.
by vsnow April 9, 2006
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Cuban for Penis or dick, manhood and so on
hey I have a great big pinga meng
by RaiderJoe May 21, 2005
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