Dr. Ivo Robotnik's infamous subliminal messages. As of 4/10/08, there have been 4 sightings of him saying this word. This subliminal message is commonly the butt of a joke in a Youtube Poop, most commonly in the AoSTH genre.
"Snoo PINGAS usual, I see?"
"Now you may lick my PINGAS!"
"Somebody stole my PINGAS!"
by Sodium Thallium E! April 10, 2008
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An alternative word for 'penis'.
Mario : My pingas is really hard right now.
by collector of women May 23, 2021
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pingas - pills in the form of a psycoactive drug known as ecstasy.
"Fuck! i ate 7 pingas tonight and im off my fuckin tits!"
by Megan Maddness May 8, 2006
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Crikey! Let's go the zoo and look at the Pingas, mate!
by OneLameDad February 7, 2018
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Australian slang for the plural of everyone's favourite disco biscuit ecstasy.
I dropped 10 pingas over the weekend and I was off my dial but now my brain hurts.
by God_Rain October 8, 2011
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