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spodumene /SPAHD-yoo-MEAN/
1. A very shiny mineral often used in jewelry
2. An idiot who spends all day posting profanity in chatrooms
3. A program that finds EVERY ANTONYM POSSIBLE to that word, a huge nerd.
4. The mother of her husband's cat
1. She was wearing a spodumene ring.
2. My brother is a spodumene.
3. I hired a spodumene.
4. I was walking to the kitchen for some Gol-Den-Grahams when I accidentally fell into an al-ter-nate dim-en-sion and I found out that my mother's a spodumene.
by Sodium Thallium E! September 30, 2007
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Dr. Ivo Robotnik's infamous subliminal messages. As of 4/10/08, there have been 4 sightings of him saying this word. This subliminal message is commonly the butt of a joke in a Youtube Poop, most commonly in the AoSTH genre.
"Snoo PINGAS usual, I see?"
"Now you may lick my PINGAS!"
"Somebody stole my PINGAS!"
by Sodium Thallium E! April 10, 2008
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japflap /JAHP-flap/, noun
1. Spare change
2. Spare spare change
3. The Korean Language
4. A rude comment on one's oral or dental care
5. The door on a Japanese building
1-2. I gave the hobo some japflap.
3. He spoke Japflap.
4. The guy next to me gave him a japflap.
5. He sat next to a Japflap.
by Sodium Thallium E! September 29, 2007
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shoot snoot /SHUTE-snute/, verb
1. To shoot nasal mucus
2. To shave by firing a gun
3. To cut a sunflower down the middle with a machete
4. To turn dark gray.
1. When I shoot snoot, it is always vitreous.
2. I had to shoot snoot this morning.
by Sodium Thallium E! September 30, 2007
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