He then proceeds to order an Aristotle of the most ping-pong tiddly in the nuclear sub. -Barfly Jack
by Your Testicles September 10, 2011
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the leetest sport on the entire planet. Played with paddles, a table, and balls.
by Knarfmai June 17, 2007
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in the fisting community, where one sexual partner inserts their fist into an orifice being either the vagina or anus, the term ping pong represents the act of double fisting a female or transexual having both orifices at the same time.
after six-packing this freak on the dance floor, i took her back to my place because she wanted something larger and the feeling of being double stuffed, however, since i didn't have another dude to give her some double penetration, i offered to ping pong her til she passed out.
by franco leopold July 10, 2011
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When the word 'Ping' is called amongst friends/people, it means the person has an item, be this food or drink, they no long want. The first person to reply by saying 'Pong'. That person then receives the pinged item.

Not to be mistaken for ''Bing Bong'' Which refers to passing a joint or the bong amongst pot smokers.
Person 1- *I'm no longer hungry for this amazing sandwich that I have in my possession, I will pass it on using Ping Pong*

Person 2- *Man I'm starving. I wish I had an amazing sandwich to eat*

Person 1- ''PING!!!''

Person 3- ''PONG!!!''

Person 2- ''Damn it!!!''
by AC1D_Hampster October 05, 2010
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the playing with balls on a table.....(punage)

A game that consists of a table, (around 7 foot in size) two small bats (usually inches in diameter) a small hollow white ball (plastic and nylon) and two players.
the score goes up to 21 (or 14 depends on how long you want to play for) and the only acception to this is when it is 20-20 (or 13-13) then it is the first person to win by 2 points.

there is also beer pong. which is much more fun but i cba to explain :)

dude! ping pong rules!
by lalalala, amy winehoose! January 17, 2009
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the act of a male adjusting his manhood
While at work an a long summer night Dan played ping-pong to keep himself busy
by applelover September 28, 2005
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