(In the VR community): Humping a virtual body pillow with Danny DeVito printed on it.
Oh gee golly, my dad just walked in on me playing ping pong in VR
by Ayyyyyyymaol May 31, 2017
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Ping pong isn’t a sport - it’s a lifestyle. You must reach deep within yourself to find wether or not you possess the talent, grit and determination required to be able to both ping and pong. Christmas Day is no longer Christmas Day - it is ping pong day. Be prepared to eat, sleep, breathe and choke on ping pong balls - because ping pong is a LIFESTYLE
Uneducated roadman: “oi what sport we doing in pe today miss”
Miss bone: “ we are playing table tennis
Lucy: “it’s called Ping pong”
Lily: “ and it’s not a sport”
Lily and Lucy: “ IT IS A LIFESTYLE”
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by JojoSiwanator2273737 March 14, 2020
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