A electronic way to see if someone or something is on the other end of the line.
1: Carl pinged a server in Utah to see if it responded to packets. The server responded (ponged).

1a: Ping
1b: Pong
1a: Hello, Utah ;)
by Lazareth Link February 11, 2005
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A game played within a pot smoking circle. As you begin to ligth up, everyone playign must form a cirle. The first person tokes the joint and keeps the smoke in. He passes to the next person while holding it in. He must keep the Toke in until the joint reutrns to him on the other side, as must the rest of the people in the cirlce. You keep your toke in if it makes it around once back to you, you stay in the next round. The winner is found when only one person remains keeping it in a full rotation.
The stoner won playing ping pong because the rest kept coughing up their pass.

he kept his pass in longer then the rest.
by Kadafi โ„ข July 26, 2005
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A game where u have to play for 12 hours to lose one pound
by Jason M. October 26, 2003
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(adj.) Meaning smack dab, right there, or in the middle of.
I threw the baseball and it landed ping pong into the center of the birthday cake!
Her mole is so ping pong on her face, there's no way she'll get a date!
by emmie kemt May 14, 2004
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"ping pong" is code for the act of hooking up with the opposite gender.
Hey. do you wanna play ping pong with me in the basement?
by Johnny Tonguein May 22, 2011
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Jessica threw her feet up on the Ping pong table.

Cassidy: get your feet off the Ping pong table.

Jessica: No, ping pong is German for foot rest, bitch.
by hemmoballs September 16, 2014
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