To pimp (see Pimp -verb ) a prostitute (see 1.prostitute -noun)
by asdfjkl;wer July 13, 2006
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Pimping these hoes.." When I pimp shelbys bitch ass, she makes that cash and brings it back to Me."
by Pimpboy.T-dawg March 29, 2015
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When it is raining extremly hard. or raining, thundering and lightning

person 2: WTF HAHAHAHA
by shawty_fine June 22, 2010
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true meaning:PIMPS stay up hoes stay down
PIMPS stay up(keeps money) by keeping his down to make that money. Only a true PIMP or hoe would know that though.
by sunshine December 1, 2003
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Dat's just da way it bes. Pimps on top all da way.
Give me my $5000 bitch and you can have this Swanson's dinner. Pimps up, hoez down.
by Nick D February 27, 2003
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An offensive and mysogynist characterization of female sex workers that encourages their abuse and exploitation by sexual predators by saying pimps deserve respect and control, and their female associates do not. Most often encountered in lyrics of the now fading genre of 'gangsta rap', in which rappers laughably tried to prove their manhood and increase their social status by boasting about violence and disrespect toward women.
"Yo, don't be talkin' that 'pimps up, hoes down" shit around here -- you think frontin' that sexist crap makes you cool? You a joke!"
by Starchild May 1, 2009
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