Pig tail Polly is a girl of joy, who always wears pigtails, every girl wants to be like pigtail polly.pigtail pollys biggest passion is jonny boy.
pigtail Polly skips to jonny boys house
by chicle de bola big big January 08, 2014
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Sunny Pigtails is the sexual act of having vaginal sex with a woman (or man if you are gay) in a confessional while you reciprocate a human still born in her ass and let the priest lick your balls. the end to this monstrosity of a sexual marriage is to shit all over the still born and feed it to either or both will participants in the sunny pigtails
omg, that's a Sunny pigtails. i'm going to commit suicide
by Mr. Potatoes April 28, 2006
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Transvestites that have both a penis and a pigtail in their crotch area or a pigtail above their ass.
by SoftScissors February 25, 2014
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A donut move by which a car, already moving straight ahead at high speed, begins to spin while still moving in the same general direction.
"This is the upward spiraling pigtail!"

"Why is it called that?"

"I don't know!"
by montypark March 14, 2009
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something that may lead to intense sexual pleasure
after i figured out that she was just pulling my pigtails i made sweet sweet love to her causing her pleasrue beyond any that she had felt before, because i am so skilled and awesome!
by boris! August 14, 2003
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Her sandy hair was pulled back into twin plaited pigtails, each tied with a bright-red ribbon.
by Morgan Tierney October 31, 2006
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