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One of the funniest, wait no, THE funniest movie of '09. Has made more money than any other R-rated comedy to date. Deff. a must see movie. Basically its about four guys who get really fucked up in vegas lose one of their friends, and do a lot of stupid shit while they're fucked up.
"hey did you see the hangover?"

"yeah that movie was bombb!"
by Nyky August 01, 2009
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A ridiculously overrated comedy from 2009 that is often quoted non-stop by annoying wannabe fan-boys.
Wannabe 1 : Dude we are so cool for knowing all the lines in The Hangover.

Wannabe 2 : I know ! I can't believe it doesn't feature as # 1 in IMDB's top 250.
by Andrewbhat March 09, 2010
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