something that may lead to intense sexual pleasure
after i figured out that she was just pulling my pigtails i made sweet sweet love to her causing her pleasrue beyond any that she had felt before, because i am so skilled and awesome!
by boris! August 14, 2003
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Her sandy hair was pulled back into twin plaited pigtails, each tied with a bright-red ribbon.
by Morgan Tierney October 31, 2006
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During intercourse, a man spins on top of a female while still in her, (like a breakdancer) and there's a chance his member could get stuck and twisted like a pigtail.
I want to pigtail my girl because I am feelling athletic.
by Treflexswedisha July 19, 2015
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When a man pulls out his penis from the vagina or anus after climaxing, he swirls a curly q of excess sperm at the point of entry, resembling the top of a vanilla ice cream swirl.
“Hey joe, I just get gave Susie Shallow Throat a vanilla pigtail in the locker room!”
by Milky toasty March 24, 2022
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