The term "pigs ass" is used in many situations. It is most commonly used when someone claims something is not true. It may also be an insult towards you or someone else your respect. It could insult any part of your life and "pigs ass" is a suitable retaliation.
Used like sarcasm.
"Hey man...I banged ya mum!"
"yeah, pigs ass"

"hey, man my penis is bigger than yours!"
"yeah, pigs ass"

"Heard you were gay man?!"
"yeah, pigs ass"

"Hey. dont you have a chode?!"
"yeah, pigs ass"

"i hate you man i am gonna kill you first chance i get"
"yeah, pigs ass"

"Oi, man. u look like a pigs ass"
"yeah, pigs ass"
by Greenie44444444 September 11, 2006
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A way of saying that something is very unlikely or will never happen. Polite version is in a pig's eye, which is used in mixed company.
Typical white kid at VEHS: "OMG I am so cool coz I can rap and I listen to Lil Wayne!!!1one1!

Me: "In a pig's ass you are! And Lil Wayne eats my nutsack!"

Dubya, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005: "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie!" (referring to FEMA director Michael Brown."

New Orleans resident: "In a pig's ass he is! My house is flooded, we're stuck on our roof and my kids haven't eaten in days!
by your testicles July 25, 2010
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An ass of a female that is so flat that there pants fall down. Usually females that have a pig ass have no ass and all boobs.
Yo girl day pig ass lookin fine ass hell in Dem let her pants
by Tommy toker 420 brudah February 10, 2019
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To "plug the pig's ass" is to set in motion a chain of events which will result in an unfortunate, disastrous or hilarious outcome to the person plugging the pig's ass.

in slang: to plug the pig's ass is to fuck yourself over
If Jim were to screw his boss' wife and then brag about it at work, we could say:
"Jim really plugged the pig's ass on that one!"
by krimsen January 16, 2005
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An answer you would give to someone annoying and wanting to be left alone as you walk away from them.
Annoying person- Where are you going?
Me- Up a pig's ass for a ham sandwich!
by Volare88 July 26, 2018
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An attempt to mask a foul smell instead of actually dealing with the source of it, usually making it worse in the process. Most often referring to someone who tries using extra deodorant instead of actually showering on a regular basis.
Guy 1: Dude, you really need to shower before going out today.
Guy 2: Nah, we're in a hurry, I'll just put on some more deodorant.
Guy 1: You haven't showered in days. That'd just be perfume on a pig's ass. Get in the damn shower!
by Vinderex January 7, 2018
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This expression was originally by Rednecks in the USA, but achieved wider recognition and usage due to combined operations between the US Army and British troops. It is used to describe something that is totally futile, a waste of time and effort and something you do not wish to do. By extension it can also be used to mean a person who is a waste of time and resources, someone with whom you do not wish to associate, that the world would be better off without and who is one of nature’s biggest mistakes, in short a complete and total Malcolm.
Malcolm has just fucked the system again, that waster is no more use than whistling up a pig’s ass.
by AKACroatalin March 13, 2019
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