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"Pigeon shit" is usually used to explain a bleak situation when other words fail.

I lost my job, my house and now my woman? PIGEON SHIT!
by koolkalifornia October 01, 2005
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When you're humping a girl from behind and right as you're about to cum you make a coo-ing sound like a pigeon. confused the girl turns around and you blow right in her face. she will be angry just as if a pigeon shat on her.
dude, i pigeon shitted this girl the other night and she had the same reaction as someone who got shit on by a pigeon
by xobnikcaj June 08, 2009
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Much like a snail trail, when you ride a guy and he cums inside you and you lift yourself off his dick and hover above his head and push his cum out onto his forehead. Cawing like a pigeon is optional. 🐦 πŸ’¦
My girl is so nasty, we where banging last night and she pigeon shit on my head it was so hot! What a keeper!
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by Niknak3004 May 13, 2018
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