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Short for 'pidgeon hole'

Used (probably not exclusively) throughout the university of Oxford, UK

eg "I'm going to check my pidge"

Also (less commonly) used as a verb 'to pidge', translates as "to check ones pidgeon hole"

eg. "what are you doing?"
"I'm pidging"
by Danthemanwiththebighandspan October 03, 2005
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A baby pigeon. (especially a found one.)
We found a pidge that had fallen out of its nest. Poor pigeon chick!
by tobyfinchkins June 05, 2010
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to stuff with pistachios.
These apples are pretty bland. Shall we pidge them?

Ooh look! Pidged apples, my favorite!
by Roaring Kittens April 29, 2010
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A Unit of Time,

Pidge = 2 minutes

Can be used as a fraction

Half a Pidge = 1 minute
Pidge and a Half = 3 minutes

Normally refering to a man who cums early. "To do a Pidge"
He only lasted a pidge

did he just Pidge you? Yea

for time: how long should this go in the microwave? a pidge and a half.
by BucktBy January 10, 2011
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A somewhat misogynistic term to describe a woman who is generally dumb, acts immature and is on the whole lacks intelligence.
Don't worry about what she sais, she's just a pidge.
by Ross September 08, 2004
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a small pigeon looking boy, willing to befriend and use "it"
jow "look over there! its a pidge!"
the pidge "im gunna use it!!"
by jowie s November 19, 2007
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