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Contrary to popular belief, this term does NOT always describe a desirable "tight as a drum" lower torso. It can also refer to the exact opposite bodily-condition, but for very different reasons, depending on the gender of the human under discussion:
(1) Weak flabby below-the-belt muscles on a man which result from his downing too many "six packs" --- i.e., cans of beer.
(2) Equally loose saggy folds that a woman may develop "down there" if she's either had a half-dozen children in rapid succession, or makes it a full-time job to care for a whole "flock" of pint-sized charmers.
I'm not arguing with Ol' Golden Voice regarding the overall message of the early-'80's movie he stars in --- Kenny is indeed 100% correct that "love will turn you around" in some cases, but a gal may suffer "six-pack abs" if she tries for too many little ones --- either giving birth to them herself or adopting a whole flock --- too soon.
by QuacksO August 09, 2018
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