Pibbling is exuberant canine silliness, as perfected by pit bull type dogs. It includes playing with friends and toys, hopping around, doing zoomies, making "art," rolling around, giving hugs, chewing, rearranging stuff, shopping and, of course, snuggling.
I can't leave yet, Theodore is still pibbling around the house with my slipper in his mouth.
by Teothepitbull February 20, 2016
A term of endearment used when referring to American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or any one of the three mixed with any other breed of dog.

by ILoveRescueDogz May 23, 2008
A slang term for Pit Bull; makes the dog sound more friendly and cute
I need to go feed a hungry pibble
by Anthony February 22, 2005
the more refined and less aggressive form of pit bull. a kinder, gentler term that better reflects the true nature of these great friends.
i cant get this damn evil pibble to stop snuggling with me. GOSH!

Fact: PETA kills more pibbles than anybody.
by stinkfish December 10, 2008
The name Pibble is what Furmoms use to refer to the Pit Bull dog breed. They prefer not to use the name Pit Bull because they feel it has undeserved negative connotations, and they crusade against persecution of the breed.

Their hope is that the word "Pibble" paints a gentler, kinder picture of the Pit Bull breed, even though hard evidence shows that the breed is responsible for 70% of dog attacks and maulings.
My Pibble is a doll, look at that sweet face. She hasn't mauled a baby in over a year.
by Jacaranda March 13, 2021
A term meant to gaslight normies and convince them your hell spawn (pit bull) is not a killing machine whose primary food includes infants, grandma, cats, and other dogs.
Karen: "Isn't my pibble so cute? I put a wreath on its head and it isn't mauling someone at the exact moment I took this picture!"
by victimofpitbullviolence October 6, 2020
The small amount of floating faeces sometimes left int he toilet bowl.
I flushed but there was still pibble there.
by Shmeg1174 November 7, 2013