The brief exchange of a few vital pieces of information.
A Phone call-

George: Hey Steve, what time does the circle jerk start tonight?

Steve: 10.

George:10 o'clock? Ok listen, I'm going to be a little bit late you'll have to start without me.

Steve: You going to be ready though, right?

George: Oh don't worry I'm going to eat a whole bunch of oysters and watching a horny movie.

Steve: Nice, what is it called?

George: It's called "Tarzan Fucks a Zebra".

Steve: Who's in it?

George: Russell crowe.

Steve: What's it about?

George: Well It's a bit of a fantasy, right now Ranae Zelwigger is blowing a unicorn.
by NeonFlame126 October 22, 2008
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When you stick your thumb in her ass and your pinky her vagina.
I gave my girl the phone call last night while Adele was singing in the background.
by Vantex XII November 27, 2018
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A chat through a device to make you seem less shitty.
"I had a phone call with my friend an hour ago, now I feel like a depressed self-loathing fuck."
by frtisauZhytfr67udsia January 13, 2018
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(noun) Fucking a bitch from behind while she is on the phone with her mother.
"Man, Mary pulled the phone call on Joe last night."
"Yea, Joe told me she was screaming on the phone."
by Chesca natch February 2, 2009
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The magical, mystical being that gets busy work for you and your co-workers after everyone else has gone home.
-I thought we finished all the calls yesterday?
--We did. The phone call fairy must've come last night.

Worker 1: When we left yesterday our inbox was empty.
Worker 2: The phone call fairy came last night.
by Jurassic February 20, 2009
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Getting a call from somebody's pocket, and you hear the phone moving around in the pocket.
You call your friend back because you have a missed call from them. You soon learn it was just a Pocket phone call.
"Hey did you call me?"
No, sorry that was my pocket
"Can I talk to your pocket?"
by Mike Tsirklin January 28, 2009
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The phone call you make when you are absolutely smashed, to a person that you really love but have been recently a dick towards him/her. Usually during this phone call, you apologize and let the best of you to come out so you can say safely afterwards "I'm not a nice guy, that was the alcohol talking". Drunken Phone Calls are usually made by guys to their female friends.
-Him: Hey I know I have been a dick the last few days, sorry about that. I don't know what I want sometimes. This is the nicest I can be, during a Drunken Phone Call.
-Her: It's okay. I still love you. Just do me a favor and don't sleep on the street tonight, will you?
by Lacryma May 5, 2013
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