reminder or mobile phone call that acts as a reminder.

The intention of the caller is to remind the receiver of some particular event or task. Generally, the receiver would have made the request for a 'missed call'.

This term originated in India after the mobile boom. The caller identification is a default feature in most of the mobile phones; hence this peculiar use.
Oh! Geeta just gave me a missed call; I was supposed to ring cable operator.
by manju January 27, 2005
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A call to a cellular phone that was not answered, where the caller leaves no message.

The called is expected to return the phone call.

See Phone Tag.
"Ooooh, I have a missed call... I'd better call them back!"
by Callmeback! March 21, 2008
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the action of calling and hanging up before the phone is answered by the intended receiver.
I miss called Susan yesterday because I didn't have enough call time on my phone.
by Kevink231 April 13, 2009
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A phrase used when your discord buddy misses alpha call. Once a harmless make, now an extensive meme used to represent any form of mistake.
Person 1: "God dammit I missed my ultimate".
Person 2: "Just like you missing alpha call"
by Sterm February 01, 2018
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that was not answered in FaceTime with no message.
Oh! I have a missed FaceTime call! I have to call them back!
by Daniel Dorman June 21, 2017
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referring to miss winchy, when you see a hoe and say "call miss winchy" your basically saying there a hoe on the loose and that miss winchy needs to bring them back to her whore house.
(walking by a musty hoe) "girl call miss winchy"
by Thewholerunner January 30, 2020
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