class or home work teachers tend to give that usually have no learning benefit or provide more than necessary exercises to learn the material. this work is usually distributed when the teacher is lazy or needs to do something and needs to preoccupy the class for the day. busy work is especially common in cases of substitute teachers.
"What do we do in class today?"
"Nothing. Just some busy work"
by Ceyan Cei January 21, 2009
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Busy work is when a teacher is so behind in their lesson plans and needs to put grades so they give their students random ass assignments and say it will “prepare them for college”
“Hey Jamie what homework did you give your students over break”
“Well twin, I gave them busy work because I missed two weeks of school and I’m so behind! I’m also just a bitch”
by Strugglingsenior101 April 9, 2019
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Work that has an immediate deadline and cannot be avoided or delayed. As opposed to work that can be put off for a little while or put down to grab a coffee, go for a walk or check out Chuck Norris' website.
Mike I need those tps reports straight away. Great my whole flippin morning of kicking back and Facebook stalking just got ruined by busy-work.
by Paulie_C October 11, 2010
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