6 definitions by Mike Tsirklin

The security camera in the lobby of apt. buildings used to see whom you are letting into the building.
I stayed home from work and watched people come in and out of my building on Lobby cam all day.
by Mike Tsirklin January 28, 2009
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I wish I was alive in 1969 to see the NY Jets Win Roman numeral appreciation III.
by Mike Tsirklin February 1, 2009
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Bang City- To have sex
I met this girl at the bar and then took her to bang city.
by Mike Tsirklin December 16, 2009
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Getting a call from somebody's pocket, and you hear the phone moving around in the pocket.
You call your friend back because you have a missed call from them. You soon learn it was just a Pocket phone call.
"Hey did you call me?"
No, sorry that was my pocket
"Can I talk to your pocket?"
by Mike Tsirklin January 28, 2009
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A reference to "Hollywood Squares", meaning you just got dissed by Mike Tsirklin and you have no come back or your come back is weak.
Oh shit, that fool tried to snap on Mike Tsirklin but did you hear what he said about his Mom?
He said "Your Mom is like algebra, everybody takes her but nobody likes her."
Ha Ha, Tsirklin gets the square!
by Mike Tsirklin January 29, 2009
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After watching Mike Tsirklin's comedy you feel like you have gained insight into Mike Tsirklin's world and most times have had very good laugh.
I saw Mike Tsirklin at the comedy club last night and I was Tsirklinsized.
by Mike Tsirklin January 28, 2009
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