speed, amphetamine, a white powder that makes you gern
ere mate can you sort us out with some phet?
by J R R August 31, 2006
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the appearance of one who appears to have had their body inflated with an air pump. This is different from fat in the sense that it encompasses the entire body, whereas fat describes someone with a massive gut. One who is phet normally has a baby-like face, and a phet male will have large breasts. Arms, legs, neck, and back are all puffy as well. Just think of the marshmallow man...
Nope. You are phet. Just take a look at your puffy face and body.
by Snake2 July 24, 2011
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a kinder way to call yourself fat.
a fat girl's euphimism.
do I look phet in this skirt?
reply: TOTALLY!
by kate dogg. April 24, 2006
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When you take a bunch of amphetamines to make sure you get all the shit you need to get done that day accomplished because no other power is strong enough.
Yo, I got so phetted yesterday, I got everything done I've been holding off and decided to paint my room a new color just to do something.
by Rx4lyfe June 13, 2017
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Damn, that plus size model is Phet!
by Jay Buit October 1, 2018
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the uncontrollable constant sweat that occors whilst one is off their tits on speed
mush, you've got a bad example of phet sweat, you need to take a shower as your gonna stink!
by wilson429 December 19, 2008
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When a male has taken a certain amount of amphetamines, his penis decides to shrivel up like a salted slug.
Woman: why is your dick so small?
Man: Phet dick!

Woman: Looks like a button mushroom....
by ToastedTeaCake May 14, 2016
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