3 definitions by nobjockey1234

a term of affection(not)for brummie bastards,chaps from the English midlands towm of Birmingham,especially when uttered on the M6 near spaghetti junction."oh dear look at those poor birmingham gentlemen stuck in that traffic jam"
whilst stuck in that traffic jam late home from work, hopefully their wives are indulging in sordid sex sessions with some proper blokes from Beduff!birmingham gentlemen safe journey!
by nobjockey1234 November 09, 2006
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people from Coventry will insist this is the correct term for a cob or roll as brummies will have it be known.In fact a batch in the real sense of the word is a specific amount of semen despatched onto a partners face after having "racked off" with a numb hand(having sat on it for a minimum of 10 minutes).NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH BUKAKKING.
I dropped a lovely batch on Sarah last night.
by nobjockey1234 November 02, 2006
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a word generally used by lying bastards who overexaggerate everything they do or say.
I played an absolutely phenomenal shot on the 17th at the belfry last weekend.
by nobjockey1234 November 09, 2006
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